An older woman works at managing diabetes by testing her blood sugar.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and with more than 130 million Americans diagnosed with the disease, it is likely you know someone or perhaps even are included in this group. Regardless of whether you are new to caring for someone with diabetes or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn to better manage the condition.

These guidelines are easy to implement and can make a world of difference in managing diabetes.

What Steps Can You Take to Improve Life With Diabetes?

  • Stay active. Exercising is a key aspect of keeping blood sugar levels regulated. Talk with the physician for a recommended fitness plan, and make certain the individual exercises within an hour or so after eating, so blood sugar levels aren’t too low. If attending a fitness class outside of the home, make sure to bring along water, glucose tablets, and snacks that are high in carbs in case of emergency.
  • Relieve stress. Elevated stress can cause elevated blood sugar levels. When caring for a loved one with diabetes, incorporate numerous calming activities throughout each day: reading, taking a warm bath, participating in enjoyable pastimes and hobbies, listening to favorite music, etc.
  • Manage meds. A pill organizer or medication reminder services from a Compassionate Nursing Services caregiver will help ensure meds are taken just as prescribed. Remember to stay on top of ordering prescription refills before running too low. Keep a list of all medications being taken, including the dosages and when each is taken. It’s important to share this information with all of the person’s specialists and doctors, to avoid any contraindications from new or changed prescriptions.
  • Get a medical ID bracelet. Wearing a bracelet or necklace that indicates the person has diabetes will ensure the right level of attention immediately in the event of any type of emergency.
  • Partner with a professional. Taking care of a person with diabetes is a complex undertaking. A caregiver from Compassionate Nursing Services can help ensure all of a person’s care needs are met at all times, ensuring you can take the breaks from care that you need for your own health and wellbeing.

How Can Home Care Help With Managing Diabetes?

Our care professionals are highly trained and experienced in caring for people who have diabetes, through services such as:

  • Preparing wholesome, diabetic-friendly meals
  • Providing support with walking and transfers as needed to prevent a fall
  • Watching for any indications of complications and reporting them immediately
  • Grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and other errands
  • Offering cheerful companionship to brighten each day
  • Providing safe transportation and accompaniment to doctors’ appointments, medical tests and procedures, etc.
  • Assisting with hygiene and personal care
  • And so much more

Contact us any time at 314-432-4312 to learn more about our in-home care for someone you love with diabetes or any other health condition. We are here to make life safer, more comfortable, and much more enjoyable, while promoting independence. Our services are available in Town and Country, Clayton, Oakville, and the surrounding areas. Visit our Service Area page to find out if our award-winning in-home care services are available in your community.