Activities for Men

For many older men, who’ve spent a lifetime on a meaningful career, family, hobbies and interests, the very thought of settling in for a few hours of crafting is, to say the least, unappealing. The key to discovering interesting activities for men is in first finding the time to dig back into the history of their lives to identify what caught their attention years ago, and then identifying creative techniques to integrate those ideas into their lifestyle today.

At Compassionate Nursing Services, we love getting to know the senior men we serve and providing opportunities for them to experience life to the fullest extent! Below are some ideas which might work well for the patriarch in your family:

  • Sports: For the sports fan, check out one of the numerous gaming systems that allow for involvement in a number of virtual sports, right from home. When appropriate, look into high school or college schedules and take your senior loved one to attend games he most enjoys: baseball, basketball, football, swim meets, golf tournaments, etc. Or plan family get-togethers around his favorite team’s games on TV, recreating a live sporting event atmosphere with specific foods (like hot dogs and nachos), team t-shirts for everyone to wear, banners and flags for the kids to wave, and plenty of cheering, of course!
  • Outdoors: In the event your family member was a passionate fisherman or hunter, ensure he has plenty of chances to be in nature and to watch nature programming. Many zoos and nature preserves have now put into place web cams that people can watch over the internet at any time to see what their favorite animals are doing. Consult your local parks to determine accessibility to fishing spots and boat rentals to see if it is practical for him to enjoy some time on or by the water, or plan a picnic in a wooded area and take pleasure in observing wildlife together. You could also check with organizations which help individuals who are differently-abled, such as the National Association for Down Syndrome, which occasionally holds outdoor events in which a member is paired with an adult to offer help with fishing as well as other outdoor activities.
  • Music: For individuals who played a musical instrument, sang with a band, or just enjoy tapping their toes to a certain genre of music, sustaining a connection to music is important, and while it can be as easy as playing favorite songs and singing along, it could be made more engaging with a trip to a music store, attending a concert – again, the local high schools and colleges are a good resource for musical performances, or hosting a talent show for family members who are also musically-inclined.
  • Work: Maintaining a sense of purpose is crucial for everyone. Men who are retired educators can volunteer to tutor or read to children through the library or school system; those who were handy with tools can continue to paint, help build bird feeders or squirrel houses, work on assembling model cars with the grandkids. Those many years of expertise can continue to impact the next generation!

Consult with Compassionate Nursing Services, the St. Louis home care experts, for additional tips to help the older men in your life stay active and engaged. Reach out to us today at 314-432-4312 for a no-cost in-home consultation to find out how our highly trained in-home caregivers can provide restored enjoyment and purpose every single day for those you love.